The Transforming Power of the Gospel

By Chaplain Ryan Dyer

A.W. Tozer once said, “The new Christian is like a man who has learned to drive in a country where the traffic moves on the left side of the highway and suddenly finds himself in another country and is forced to drive on the right. He must unlearn his old habit, learn a new one and, more serious than all, he must learn in heavy traffic.”

Most men at the Delta Correctional Center (DCC) have lived their lives in darkness, embracing a life contrary to the gospel. When an incarcerated individual hears the gospel call, responds in faith and repentance, and embraces Jesus Christ as Lord, a radical transformation develops.

This transformation isn’t easy; it’s like driving on the right side of the
road when you’re used to driving on the left.

I met Clint many months ago as he began attending the Christian services we offer at our prison chapel. An appropriate phrase defining what I saw in Clint would be, “hungry for truth.” Clint has spent most of his life in and out of correctional facilities. He has a history of drug abuse, and he recently woke up to some cultic beliefs he had fallen prey to.

As I got to know Clint, he expressed a heartfelt desire to know his Bible because he yearned for true change, and he didn’t want to be deceived again by false teaching.

From the time I began investing in Clint to today, I have seen fruits of transformation. He works in the chapel library, and Clint is passionately sharing the truths of Scripture with other inmates. Prior to our evening classes, he comes into my office, and we spend time praying together. Clint regularly expresses grief over the lost souls around him, and he is praying for their salvation. His desire to articulate truths of Scripture with clarity leads him to regularly check out books in our library.

Clint’s story is just one of many where the Lord is working in individuals’ lives at DCC. This wouldn’t be possible apart from your partnership! Please give to our Second Chance Giving Day to transform lives through Jesus.

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