Freedom Behind Bars

We believe in the power of redemption and transformation. Join us as we bring light and life into correctional facilities worldwide.

Our Work

We specialize in equipping and sending chaplains to the correctional facilities of the world to minister to the spiritual needs of those impacted by incarceration.

Transformed Lives

Discover the extraordinary journeys of transformation and see how love, faith, and the Gospel can create a legacy of hope and transformation.

Our Impact

Our work transcends prison walls. The Gospel’s transforming power reaches those incarcerated, corrections staff, and families. We are able to witness the ripple effects of transformation, affecting generations and entire communities.


Inmates with access daily

1.7 Million

Bible classes taught

2.1 Million

Global decisions for Christ

Heroes Behind Bars

Our chaplains are the hands and feet of our mission. They are dedicated men and women driven by a radical, God-given compassion for those incarcerated. Their resilience and commitment inspire us, and we feel privileged to support their vital work.

Are you looking for a deeper purpose in your career? Discover how fulfilling a calling as a chaplain can be.

Transformative Care

We understand the challenges and stresses that are present in correctional facilities. Our first ministry is the Ministry of Presence which allows us to foster deep relationships and a positive environment for both inmates and staff. Our chaplains work hand-in-hand with administrators, offering support, resources, and a steadfast presence that contributes to the overall well-being of the facility.

Join Our Mission

You can bring Good News to those behind bars. Your time, your resources, your prayers can make a world of difference. Here’s how you can get involved.


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