Our Name Changed. Our Passion and Vision Remain.

I was eating dinner with Chaplain Charity from Zambia. She told me about the impact of Hope Packs upon previously unreached women and children. Then she started sharing about a particular woman in the prison who was being held separately from the rest of the population. Clearly, the woman was ill, but there was no diagnosis, just an apparent quarantine – separate living space, separate toilets, totally isolated. Charity took it upon herself to visit the woman.

Charity learned her name and story. Mary was a prostitute, working nights, and sleeping during the day, which left her three young boys free to roam. An altercation with her 11-year-old resulted in her being charged and sentenced (without a trial) to five years in prison. She was incarcerated without essential medication – Mary is HIV positive. 

Charity brought her clothes to replace the rags she had on, and a local church helped secure medication. The chaplain also found a Christian orphanage to take in her three boys. Ultimately, God began to work in Mary’s heart – bringing her to faith in Christ and helping her to reconcile with her son. Transferred to another prison, Charity followed up to ensure proper medications were provided. After a year, Mary was released for good behavior and was reunited with her sons.

Chaplain Charity is GOOD NEWS GLOBAL. As we change our name, our passion and vision remain – to disrupt the cycle of darkness and despair for all who are behind bars by advancing the Gospel. Charity models that passion in word and deed. Because of you and all of our global partners, chaplains are equipped and sent to correctional facilities around the world to minister to the spiritual needs (and often physical needs) of all who live and work there.

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