Second Chance Giving Day:

Tuesday, March 26

Help Bring True Freedom Today

Give a second chance today! Your compassionate gift helps reach more inmates with the second chance at true freedom Jesus offers us.

Because of your dedicated support, Good News chaplains can shine the Light of Jesus to disrupt the darkness and despair behind bars.

Your impact doubles thanks to a generous donor’s matching gift.
Transform Lives Through Jesus
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Bring the Light, Life, and Love of Jesus Behind Bars

You make second chances possible for men and women behind bars across the globe. Help us raise $75,000 for our Second Chance Giving Day on Tuesday, March 26.

And when you donate today through March 26, your gift doubles in impact thanks to a generous matching gift.

Jesus can transform our lives – and even the lives of individuals like CB, who shares:

“When I was very invested in my faith years back, I was committed to following Jesus and wanted to be as much like him as I possibly could. Sadly, I let myself get pulled away by sin, lost everything, and landed in jail. Since coming to jail, I struggled to find hope and felt nothing but guilt, shame, and defeat until I found out about the Good News Bible Correspondence Program. I feel like starting it was meant to happen and that it was my link back to following Jesus again.”

Help Share God’s Word Behind Bars

God uses your generosity and the presence of Good News Global chaplains to shine His light into the darkness.

“The most significant change I experienced after coming to Christ was my hate for what I loved most. And also my hunger for God’s Word and righteousness.” – Shalom

Please give those behind bars a Second Chance.

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